Production facility

It has an integrated aluminum profile production facility established on a total area of ​​23.000 m², 16.000 m² of which is closed, in order to produce aluminum profiles from billets to final products. Emre Aluminum offers its customers the best quality and the lowest cost in line with the project requirements.

Mold Production

Molds used in profile production; It is designed and produced with CAD / CAM programs in accordance with customer designs and needs.


5 in. And with the 8-inch press machines, an average of 12350 tons of annual production is made, and the needs of the customers are met with fast and quality service.

Surface Treatment

High quality surface coating processes are carried out with electro-static paint, anodizing and coating workmanship.

Mechanical process

In the Mechanical Processing Facility, cutting, deburring, length completion, 5-axis CNC operations up to 15 meters, pressing (punch press), joining (gluing, rivets, welding bolts, etc.), drilling and twisting services are provided. In addition, the processes of mounting mechanically treated and surface-treated profiles and making them final products are also carried out under the same roof.

Profile Processing Line

With double head cutting machine, single head cutting machine, profile slicing machine, thread cutting machine and barrier tightening machine, service is provided in the same facility for all profile operations.

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