Human Resources Policy

Human Resources

For Emre Aluminum, “Human” forms the basis of life. All of our internal and external communications are based on respect. We observe all the cultural diversity of our employees and support them in line with a common goal. In this context, our policy is

  • To include qualified human resources in our family in line with the future company goals and strategies and to manage modern human resources practices to ensure that this power can be used most effectively.
  • To prepare a working environment where each of our personnel can realize and develop themselves in line with their talents and achievements.
  • To create a workplace that rises based on relationships based on trust, and peace, where they will feel they belong.
  • To add to our well-educated family, people who adopt the mission and vision of the institution, protect our culture, develop themselves and their environment in every field, are open to innovations, and have a team spirit.


  • Believing in sustainability in every field,
  • Embracing our ethical values,
  • Believing in the power of innovation and development,
  • Believing in the superiority of quality, trust, and respect,

We are proud to be Emre Aluminum employees.

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