Mission, Vision and Values


We aim to touch every aspect of life for a sustainable future.


To add value to our stakeholders and to lead target markets by creating innovative solutions with our expert knowledge and technological capabilities.


We offer fair conditions to every member of the Emre Aluminyum family, and we look out for their happiness and peace.

We act openly, sincerely, and constructively in all our communications. We consider the importance of sustainability at every point, and we advance the entire process of our business within this framework.

We work within the framework of laws and social values, and we always adopt being ethical as our priority.

We adopt continuous improvement for the best results and work to be perfect in every subject.

We do not avoid the transfer of our knowledge to society and our stakeholders, and we strive to rise together.

We know that quality, trust, and fast returns are indispensable for happy customers, and we move forward on this path.

We work with great enthusiasm to design and develop new products, and we make our customers happy with this energy.

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