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Emre Alüminyum

Emre Aluminium was founded in 1990 in Ümraniye/İstanbul/Turkey. Our company has started the work in electrostatic powder coating industry . In subsequent years, adding to extrusion profile also expanding its operation area . continuous development of its inception until today Emre Aluminium Central Asia, Europe,the Balkans and has been exporting aluminium profiles to African countries. Emre aluminum is a pioneer in being a brand in the aluminum industry Turkey’s . Emre have all the necessary certificates for aluminum profiles in order to produce qualityCE, EC, EN 755-1, EN 755-3, EN 755-4, EN 755-5, EN 755-8, TS EN 755-9, 5247 TSE, TS EN 12020-1, TIS-4922, TSE, ISO 9001:2008, Emre Aluminum marketing, sales and customer relations activities continued on the campus of the Ümraniye serve customers quickly and efficiently. Our valued Ümraniye customers in the central office with aluminum profiles and accessories industry about the machine and also serves on hardware sales. In order to meet all the needs of our customers with a single point located outside the domestic and international, franchises and authorized distributor of leading companies in the sector are also making. ICC is one of the most important of these locks. ITO dealership also solution areas to respond to every need of services we offer. Areas of expertise in the industry with new patterns and system design demands of other sectors with high production quality continues to meet the needs of a wide market. Production of aluminum profiles aluminum-accessory sales are the main activities of the company. With about 150 people working in our company to support the Turkish economy is our main goal. At one point to meet all the needs of our customers expert and experienced marketing team serves. Emre aluminum family of customers; product quality and performance expectations, continuously improving the innovative approach, is committed to increasing customer satisfaction. Emre aluminum every day has strengthened the squad by export-quality staff .Quality employees in the areas of technological R & D, effort, quality, and never from the mission, without compromising innovations used. in the world of with every year, the world’s most important Turkish companies one is likely to be.



Our Vision

  • Emre Aluminum cater to individuals, communities, companies offering products and services that;
  • Our products and services within the framework of ethical business conduct economic gains to the economy that comes with being,
  • Compatibility with the ecological balance,
  • Aesthetic elements of transport,
  • The rapidity of electronic era,
  •  Maintain our leadership by taking into account


Our Mission

EMRE Aluminum family valued members with our employees, our suppliers of high business information, work energy, services, understanding of advanced technology systems and business experience that blends with a expectations of our customers in the products and services we offer. Of products and services we offer our customers, making continuous improvement of our customers value added jobs, growth and providing winning. this our basic philosophies considered.


Our Values

  • Continuous service.
  • To be innovative.
  • High self-reliance and rugged working conditions to ensure that there is team spirit.
  • Humans, being environmentally conscious.
  • Aesthetic and ethical rules to compromise.
  • Our employees, our suppliers and our customers are see as a strategic partner and continuously evolve with the business


Our Departments

With the philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation in production technology continues from strength to strength …

  1. R & D

    • Projects for the detail work. the provide technical support for the draft in the creation,

    • Offer advisory stages, in a practical sense list of material requirements needed by subtracting thepre-sales, after-sales services offers both.

    Our experts in manufacturing and R & D department of technical information and product
    development is ready to respond to customer expectations. Part of the system to our customers the right product for the right application and offers solutions in the fields of product development.

  2. Marketing - Point of Sale

    Our valued customers, aluminum profile, aluminum and plastic accessories, composite panels have been serving our sales. Created to meet the needs of our customers all at one point in our expert and experienced marketing team who are on duty.

  3. Tooling

    Steel molds required for the profile to be produced by ourselves, we provide all of our needs. Using the latest technology and trained manpower in our molds are realizing this.

  4. Extrusion Manufacturing

    Manufacture of aluminum profile extrusion press line is performed in our department we have 3 .. World class, has the ability to perform high-quality production.

  5. Painting

    Our facility has three units are electro-static powder coating line.

  6. Shipment

    First sections of the profile, depending on the customer’s requirements in this section is subject to the packaging process. All production and handling properties recorded in the ERP system loaded on trucks and shipped en profile transactions are carried out.


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