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Emre Alüminyum

Established in Umraniye in 1990, Emre Aluminum; is among the most important industrial establishments in Turkey, with its state-of-the-art production facility located in the Ishaklı region, with more than 300 employees, and exports to more than 49 countries. It considers the continuous development since its establishment; Emre Aluminum exports to Central Asia, Europe, the Balkans, and African countries. Emre Aluminum is a leading company in Turkey’s becoming a brand in the aluminum industry. Emre Aluminum has placed the concept of integrated quality at the center of the
whole way of doing business. This quality philosophy is followed by CE, EC, TS EN 755-1, TS EN 755-3, TS EN 755-4, TS EN 755-5, and TS EN 755-8. In addition, it continues to have TS EN 755-9, TSE 5247, TS EN 12020-1, TSEK- 4922, TSEK, and ISO 9001: 2008 certificates.

Emre Aluminum continues its activities within the scope of marketing, sales, and customer relations in Ümraniye and Ishaklı campuses and provides fast and effective customer service.

To meet our customers’ needs at a single point, we are also the dealership and authorized distributor of leading companies in the country and abroad. With its areas of expertise, a new mold, and system designs, it continues to meet the demands of other sectors in the industry with its high production quality and comprehensive market needs.

Aluminum profile production, aluminum-accessory sales, and architectural system production are the main fields of activity of the company. Our expert and experienced marketing team work to meet all the needs of our customers at a single point. Emre Aluminum family customers; have adopted the
principle of increasing customer satisfaction by constantly improving product quality and performance expectations with its innovative approach. As a result, Emre Aluminum, which is a big family with the company and its employees; is a candidate to become one of the essential Turkish companies in the world, with its ever-expanding exports, by keeping up with all the innovations in the world without compromising its vision, technological R&D, effort, quality and never compromising its mission.

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